Daily #492! Some days may even be a bit of both.

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Things i don’t accept in my life/with my life.

1. Betrayal.

2. To not play the leading role in my own life.

3. To not be respected.

4. Lies.

5. Injustice

6. To feel forced to do things i don’t want to.

7. To be called bad things like: Fat, ugly, stupid, loser, poor etc.

8. To be rediculed

9. To feel unnecessary insecure. 

10. To be manipulated, or that people use control techniques on me.

11. To be forgotten or “left out”.

12. That my closest isn’t there for me.

13. Discrimination.

14. Prejudice.

15. Narrow-minded people.

16. To be put on hold.

17. Unnecessary critisism/be yelled at for no reason.

18. To be ignored.



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